Main Search and storage of the baggage

Search and storage of the baggage

Hand baggage forgotten in aircraft cabin

Hand baggage and personal belongings, forgotten by passenger on board and found after the flight, are stored at the airport of their detection (except flights departing from Moscow to international destinations, forgotten things are returned to Moscow to the airport of departure), within 6 months from the date of arrival.

To search for items, contact “Lost & Found” service in the airport of arrival, for flights from Moscow to international airports, contact “Lost & Found” service at Sheremetyevo airport.

Baggage not delivered to the airport of arrival

In any case of baggage delay, loss, damage or shortfall or when baggage is issued without the coupon of baggage tag, passenger have to contact «Lost & found» and execute and sign the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) by Carrier’s officer and Passenger, upon which Passenger may leave the airport. One copy of PIR will be stored by Passenger and the other - by Carrier’s claim department.

If checked baggage is found, Carrier shall arrange notification of baggage owner and baggage delivery to the airport/point specified by the owner and, upon owner’s request, to the address specified by owner, without any additional fees.

If checked baggage has not been found within 21 days from the relevant application submission date, Passenger will have the right to request compensation from Carrier.

Baggage forgotten at the airport of arrival

Checked baggage shall be stored at airport to which it is delivered under the Air Carriage Contract between Carrier and Passenger, toll-free for 2 days, including the baggage arrival date. Further storage shall be arranged by Carrier or its agent. If Passenger filed to collect baggage with the term stated herein, storage costs shall be recovered in accordance with Russian Federation laws.

If checked baggage with the properly issued and numbered baggage tag arrived to destination, transfer or stopover point and is not collected by Passenger, Carrier will arrange searching of Passenger. If efforts resulted in finding the baggage owner, Carrier or its agent shall notify the baggage owner in writing of baggage stored and collection or delivery procedure.

Checked-in baggage, hand luggage or personal items shall be stored for 6 months after owner of baggage was sent notice or if owner has not been found, after the aircraft arrival to the airport. If owner does not collect checked baggage within the stated term baggage may be sold or disposed of in accordance with Russian Federation laws.

If during the search of luggage which contents deteriorate after period of storage, adverse effect of temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions, is at risk of damage, carrier is entitled to destroy all perishable baggage or part of it immediately

Baggage subject to customs regulations shall be stored and disposed of in accordance with customs laws and regulations of Russian Federation.