Main Rules for combining of baggage allowance

Rules for combining of baggage allowance

  • family members; or;
  • people travelling together or going on a business trip

have the right to declare the need to combine the amount of free baggage allowance at the airport at check-in.

    The documents for family members are:
  • marriage certificate;
  • certificate of birth;
  • documents confirming adoption;
    the confirmation documents for people travelling together are:
  • trip tickets, vouchers, package tours;
  • order for the business trip, business trip permit, duty assignment;
  • joint hotel booking;
  • other documents confirming joint trip;
  • The baggage is combined only when passengers are checking-in together.

    The weight of one combined piece of baggage shall not exceed 30 kg. Otherwise, payment for transportation of the baggage is performed in accordance with the baggage rates.

    The airline is entitled to deny the combining of the free baggage allowance.