Main Transportation of weapons

Transportation of weapons

Transportation of Weapons, Ammunitions, and Impact Munitions

Weapons, ammunitions, and impact munitions (the “Weapons”) shall be carried in accordance with laws and federal legislation of Russian Federation, laws of other countries, and international treaties signed by Russian Federation.

If a flight route crosses a state border, Passengers are entitled to store and carry weapons in Russia shall agree such issue with competent authorities of a respective country beforehand, to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and be issued a permission to enter such country with weapons.

The rules for enter/leaving from Russian Federation with weapons are established by Order of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs of 28 April 2012 No. 378 “On Approval of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation Administrative Regulation for Issuing to Russian Federation Citizen the Permission to Enter or Leave from Russian Federation with Civil or Honorary Weapon and Related Ammunition".

Foreign citizens, in accordance with Federal Law dated 13 December 1996 No. 150-FZ “On Weapons” may enter Russia with sports or hunting weapons, providing invitation from a legal entity licensed for hunting and hunting contract with such legal entity or sports event invitation and the permit from Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Electric shockers and spark arresters made by domestic manufacturers relate to civil weapons and shall be carried in accordance with general procedure stated for weapons.
When carrying shocker(s), Passenger needs to have at hand it`s (their) specifications, to enable policemen check compliance with Russian Federation standards and regulations. Electric shockers and spark arresters made by non-domestic manufacturers shall not be used in Russia and their carriage is forbidden.

Weight of ammunition carried by air shall not exceed 5 kg per passenger. Air guns with their muzzle energy exceeding 3J relate to civil weapons and shall be carried in accordance with the general procedure stated for weapons. When carrying air guns with their muzzle energy exceeding 7.5J and caliber exceeding 4.5 mm, Passenger needs to have the license to carry and store weapons.

Ammunition for gas weapons and containers with lachrymatory (irritating) agents are forbidden for carriage.

Main rules of weapons transportation

Before booking, the passenger must agree transportation of weapons with the Airline. Transportation of weapons by a passenger through an intermediate airport can be agreed by the Airline, if there is a minimum connecting time of at least 3 hours.

Passengers carrying weapons must come to check-in at least 1.5 hours prior to the departure.

One-time registration of passengers with weapons is prohibited. Transportation of weapons is confirmed by a ticket for each section of the flight separately. The passenger following with the weapon, is obliged to receive and reconfirm the weapon for the next flight at the intermediate airport. All passenger baggage is processed the same way only until the first destination with subsequent re-confirmation.

Passengers entitled to store and carry weapons shall transfer them to Carrier’s authorized officer before registration. Statement of Weapon Acceptance for Flight shall be executed by airport security office.

At a destination airport, Passenger will receive his/her weapons from the airport’s security officer upon submission below mentioned documents.

Weapons not claimed at a destination airport shall be transferred by airport’s security officer to the police.

Documents required for transportation of weapons

  • identity document
  • certificate of carry and storage of weapons
  • applicable permit to enter/transfer/leave in Russian Federation with weapons (for international flights)

The armed employees of the State courier service of the Russian Federation, the intergovernmental courier communication accompanying mailings (correspondence), are obliged to have a mark in the travel certificate (instruction) about availability of the weapon and ammunition. Weapons, ammunition and special equipment are not withdrawn from them for the period of the flight.

Servicemen and employees of the state paramilitary organizations, in the performance of their official duties not described in the preceding paragraph and, with appropriate travel regulations with a note on carried weapons, spetssredstva, ammunition, weapons must be handed to the authorized person for temporary storage during the flight at the departure airport (and returned to the owners at the end of the flight at the destination airport). Weapons are transported without charge. The weapon unclaimed by the passenger at the destination airport shall be handed over by the authorized employee of the airport aviation security service to the internal Affairs bodies.