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Boarding on board

Passengers boarding on gate closes in 20 minutes before the flight departure time.

Passenger has to arrive at the gateway no later than the end time of boarding for flight indicated in boarding pass. Passenger boarding the aircraft is performed upon presentation of a boarding pass for the corresponding flight by the passenger.

At the gate the passenger has to present for weighing the hand luggage, as well as the backpack and when transporting the child, the baby cradle / stroller specified in the Hand luggage section at the request of employees of LLC «IKAR» or their authorized persons.

Passenger who was late:

  • by the end of passengers check-in and baggage registration or
  • by the end of boarding the aircraft,
  • could be denied in transportation by this flight. The luggage of registered passenger who did not show up for boarding aircraft is subject to removal from the aircraft and compulsory inspection.

In case of during the passenger's passage of the boarding procedure for the flight or on board the aircraft, representatives of LLC «IKAR» or his authorized agent will find any additional piece of luggage and/or hand luggage not declared by passenger for transportation during check-in, the passenger may be denied in transportation.