Main Cargo
General provisions


Freight is carrying by passenger aircrafts engaged in flight through the territory of the Russian Federation as well as international flights. Freight happening by passenger aircrafts and is made in the order they are loading. Dimensions of cargo limited to the size of cargo hatches and baggage cargo compartments. The total weight of cargo is limited to the permissible limit payload and (or) the volume of cargo compartments of aircraft used.

Requirements for cargo

The cargo must not alter the chemical, physical, and other properties that may lead to damage or to an increase in the degree of danger during transportation and must be packed in accordance with their specific properties and characteristics in a way to protect the safety of air transport, as well as to prevent injury to persons or damage to other goods or property airlines.

The airline takes to the transportation of goods, the nature of the packaging and the properties which enable it to carry out the safe transport under the following conditions:

  • pressure up to 145 mm. rt. art,
  • temperature +/- 60 C °
  • accelerations up to 3 g

The cargo is subject to mandatory inspection of aviation security service of the airport of departure with hardware inspection.

Packing of each package must have a clear and correct shipper and transport label, and cargo requiring special conditions of handling and transport - special labeling.

When applying for freight bookings and confirmation of reservation is necessary to pay special attention to the loads with special packaging requirements. They are accepted for carriage by agreement with the airline in accordance with the conditions set out in international or other normative documents. Types of goods:

  • dangerous goods: DGR
  • the mortal remains: HUM
  • heavyweight: HEA
  • overall load: BIG
  • valuable and vulnerable goods: VAL or VUN
  • perishable goods: PER
  • live animals: AVI
  • drugs, medicines: PIL

The shipper is responsible for marking shipper label that contains information about the name or full name the consignor and the consignee, the address of the consignor and consignee, cargo weight, the number of seats of the consignment, the index number of the place, as well as handling marks, indicating the ways of dealing with the load.

Cargo agent responsible for marking transport label, which contains information about the airport (station) departure to the airport (station) used package mustn`t have an old label, it should be removed. The special marking must be used for perishable goods, dangerous goods, live animals and fragile goods.

Registration of cargo

The cargo is considered to be accepted for carriage when airway bill is framed, which is the contract of carriage. Airway bill is a document certifying the conclusion of the contract. Airway bill enterprise consists of 8 copies, and three of them are originals, the first original is marked "for the carrier", the second original - "for the consignee" and should be followed with a cargo, the third original - "shipper" is issued to the shipper when the goods were taken to the sending.
Cargo agents must ensure that the shipper knows and is responsible for compliance with the state import and transit formalities. These include obtaining necessary licenses, examinations, certificates, permits, licenses and other documents required by national laws.

ATTENTION! The airline takes cargo shipments only on the cargo agents, which have signed the corresponding contract.

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