Main Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Ticket booking

  • How should I enter passenger data for a ticket: in Latin or Cyrillic?

    You can purchase tickets for domestic flights using both international and general passport. You should enter name, surname and middle name:
    — in Latin, if you use international passport;
    — in Cyrillic, if you use general passport (in case of Russian Federation citizenship).
    When you check-in please provide passport you used for your booking.
    When you purchase tickets for domestic flights you should enter name, surname and middle name in Latin, as in your international passport.

  • How should I enter number of birth certificate for a ticket?

    Number of birth certificate should be indicated as below: IРУ898867 (first letter in Latin, second and third letters in Cyrillic, then numbers; no spaces and “-“symbols allowed).

  • Can I choose my seat number during ticket booking?

    At the moment you can choose seat number only during

    Can I purchase a ticket for unattended child?

    It is not possible to buy ticket for unattended child (children) via website. Please contact our partner agencies: here (agencies with icon “Air tickets”). Agency will send request to Ticket department Pegas Touristik, which will contact Air Company. After that you have to wait for confirmation. Your agency will advise you about that.

  • Can I buy a ticket for a child if his grown up relative (mother/father, adult sister/brother, grandmother/ grandfather, etc) already got the ticket for the same flight?

    To book a ticket for a child under 12 y.o. (25% discount from adult ticket price) please contact air tickets sales office in your city. Sales manager will make separate booking for a child and put number of child’s relative in notice. Unfortunately it is not possible to book such thickets via website.
    You can book a ticket for a 12+ child on air company website
    You need permission to accompany the child:
    - no need for domestic flights,,
    - for international flights please provide notarized consent signed by both parents (if the child fly with adult relative) or signed by one parent (if child fly with one of parents).

  • Can I purchase subsidized tickets?

    You can buy subsidized tickets in air tickets sales office in your city. You can find list of our partners here (icon “Air tickets”).

  • Can I pay for the ticket on the website?

    You can pay for your ticket on the website using Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard и Maestro cards. Please check commission and conversion rates with bank issuer. You need to verify your card for transaction.

  • I can’t pay by card for the ticket. Why?

    Few reasons:
    - you don’t have enough funds or credit limit on your card;
    - Online purchase can be not available for your card (please contact your bank),
    - if you have enough funds and online purchase is available for your card, but you can’t buy the ticket, please send us screenshot or text of error.

  • Can I purchase ticket for charter flight on the website?

    It is not possible. Please contact tour operator or sales offices

  • What time of departure/arrival is indicated in the ticket?

    Local time for each airport.

  • How can I know fare for which my ticket is issued?

    You can check you fare (booking class) via My ticket service:
    — enter your ticket number and passenger surname,
    — click “Find the booking”,
    — open itinerary receipt.
    In the field “Class” or “CL” you can find the letter indicating the fare.
    Go to Fares and check all details, from baggage and hand baggage allowance to terms of change/cancellation of tickets.

Booking changes

  • Is it possible to reissues a ticket for another passenger?

    This is not available.

  • Can I change passport information in my ticket?

    For regular flights: You can change passenger data (name, surname, passport number, date of birth) in any time before flight contacting place of purchase. This service cost 1000 RUB. Please notice this is only correction, you can’t reissues a ticket for another passenger.
    For charter flight: changes can be put only before the documents are available for issues in Personal Account. After issue not later than 1 day before flight correction is available with surcharge, You can get more details at your tour agent.

  • Can I fly with old surname, if I changed it after ticket purchase?

    Passenger data correction is needed, more details here

  • I put wrong document number in my booking. What can I do?

    Passenger data correction is needed, more details here

  • How can I make correction in passenger data, change date of departure or issues a refund if I purchased the ticket on

    Please send your request to

  • How can I make correction in passenger data, change date of departure or issues a refund if I purchased the ticket in sales agency or on another website?

    Please contact place of purchase.

  • My flight is cancelled. How can I change or refund my ticket?

    To issue reasonable refund or change date of departure please contact place of purchase. If you purchased your ticket at, please send request to

  • Can I refund my ticket in case of illness?

    You can refund your ticket without any deductions in case of accidental illness of passenger or illness or death of his/her relative, travelling together with him/her. This fact must be confirmed by a medical document confirmation
    To receive a reasonable refund, it’s necessary to inform the airline prior to the departure. In addition, you have to send a request for cancellation of seat booking prior to the end of the check-in at the airport, i.e. at least 40 minutes prior to the departure, along with the detailed information, to the place where you purchased the ticket. If you got your ticket at, please send the request to
    Please be reminded, that request processing might take some time, please take this into account when sending urgent messages.

Before flight

  • Can I take baby stroller on board?

    Baby prams, including fully-collapsible strollers, are held in baggage section of the aircraft during the flight. You can use your stroller till aircraft door, after that staff will take it to the hold.

  • Should I pay for wheel chair transportation?

    For disabled people wheel chairs and other devices are not included in luggage allowances and transported for free.

  • Do you carry sports equipment?

    You can find all details about sports equipment carry at Sports equipment transportation page.

  • Is it allowed to carry pets unattended?

    No. Animals transportation available only in accompany with adult passenger.

  • How can I carry pets?

    You will find all details for pets’ transportation here

  • How can I get permission for pets’ transportation?

    Please contact your air tickets sales office or send request to if you booked online.

  • Can I carry my musical instruments on board?

    Guitars and other musical instruments in protective hard case can be transported in the aircraft hold as paid baggage.
    Musical instruments packed in instrument case (like violin or small guitar) can be carried in aircraft cabin if max dimensions in up to 115 cm. Please make sure to book separate passenger place for your instrument.

  • Is my flight regular or charter?

    All regular flights have 3 numbers in flight number, all charter have 4 numbers in flight number.

  • Can I get my checked baggage during a connecting flight (for ex., Belgorod – Moscow – Erevan) to register it to the final destination?

    — When processing transportation in one form, baggage is registered to the final destination.
    — When processing transportation in different forms in one booking, baggage is registered to the final destination.
    — When processing transportation in different forms in separate booking baggage is registered to connecting destination, received in connecting point and get registered to the final destination.
    You can get information about baggage allowances and registration for your booking in sales office or at, if you booked online.
    Attention! Registration of luggage on transfer flights from Blagoweshchensk airport is temporarly unavailable. Luggage is registered till the transfer point, then it must be received and registered by passangers again till the final destination point.

  • How can I register return flight for a child if he becomes 2 years old during the trip?

    Child age on regular flights is determined by the date when transportation begins from departure point. If receipt or date of departure change after transportation begins, price for the child remain the same as at the moment of purchase.

  • Should I take parents’ permission in case of flight with non-adult brother/sister/grandchild/niece/nephew?

    If the child is accompanied with adult passenger and ticket for both passengers is in 1 booking, no permission is needed for domestic flights.

  • Is it allowed to flight for a child unattended?

    Transportation of children under 12 y.o. without parents or adoptive parents could not be held without “Agreement for the transportation of an unaccompanied child ”. See more details

Hand luggage

  • What is free baggage allowance?

    The maximum weight of any single piece of hand baggage on all domestic flights is 10 kg, on international flights – 5 kg. Maximum dimensions for each bag are 115 cm (55*40*20 cm). More details

  • Can I take anything on board except hand luggage?

    Please check list of allows personal belongings here

  • What items are prohibited to carry in baggage and hand luggage?

    You can find list of prohibited items here

  • Can I take any liquids on board?

    You can take on board liquids from the list below, not more than 100 ml each and not more than 1 l in common.
    — water, soup, syrups;
    — creams, lotions, oils;
    — perfume;
    — spray;
    — gels;
    — mascara;
    — contents of cans;
    — pastes;
    — mixtures of liquid and solid substances;
    — any other similar liquids.
    Containers should be placed in transparent plastic bag. Each passenger can have only 1 such bag in hand luggage.

  • Can I take bags from Duty Free on board?

    Drinks and perfumes purchased in Duty Free are allowed to carry on board. These items should be packed and sealed in Duty Free store; seal cannot be open during the flight and is valid during 24 hours.

  • Can I take baby food on board?

    Yes. It should be in your personal belongings and correspond rules of liquids transportation


  • What is baggage allowance?

    Baggage allowance depends on fare and consists of 1 piece of baggage from 10 to 32 kg. Size of baggage in sum of 3 measurements should not exceed 203 cm. Would like to check baggage allowances for your fare? Details

  • Is it possible to put baggage allowances of 2 passengers into 1 luggage place?

    According to the concept of baggage seats in the airline, baggage carried by passengers is registered for each passenger separately. If passengers transporting together and can confirm it documentary, baggage combining is allowed for condition of each baggage seat doesn’t exceed tariff rates.

  • How can I pay for extra baggage place?

    You can do it during ticket registration on the website, step 4, section “extra services”, or after the purchase via My ticket service.

  • What items are prohibited to carry in baggage and hand luggage?

    You can find list of prohibited items here


  • When check-in in the airport begins?

    Chick-in for international flight begins in 6 hours before departure time mentioned in your ticket. For domestic flights – in 3 hours before departure time. Please notice that check-in closes in 50 minutes before departure time, and boarding ends in 20 minutes. Passenger who got late for check-in or boarding are not allowed to the flight.

  • What documents do I need for check-in at the airport, if I have e-ticket?

    Please take your person verifying documents you used for ticket booking: passport for adult and birth certificate for a child, if needed – international passport and visa. You can also take itinerary receipt, but this is not a must. This could be useful because all flight information can be found in receipt.

Online check-in

  • At what destinations online check-in is available?

    You can check-in online for all regular and charter flights departure from Russia and CIS airports.

  • Should I print my boarding pass?

    If you checked-in online and forgot to print your boarding pass, you can get it at check-in counter in the airport of departure.

  • Can I check-in online if I fly with infant (without separate passenger place)?

    Yes, online check-in available. Infant gets the same passenger place as adults, automatically.

  • If I checked-in online, at what time should I arrive to the airport?

    If you fly without baggage and hand luggage, please arrive at the airport before boarding ends (time displayed in your boarding pass).
    If you fly with baggage or hand luggage, please arrive in advance to register your baggage at the check-in counter (check-in closes in 40 minutes before departure).
    It is recommended to arrive at 1,5 hour before departure time displayed in your boarding pass to pass through security service, passport and customs control.

  • I can’t choose seat in the cabin, all places are taken.

    Unfortunately all seats available for online check-in were taken by passengers who passed online check-in earlier. You can choose your seat at the check-in counter in the airport of departure.

  • I’ve passed online check-in and choose seat in cabin. Later I found out that seats changed. What should I do?

    Enter online check-in section again and after passenger search click “Change the seat” to choose seats again. Save your changes pressing the button “Register”.

  • I can’t check-In online. What should I do?

    Please check the following:
    — your flight departure from Russia airport,
    — flight departures in 24-1 hours (4 hours for flights departing from foreign airports to Russia, except for Antalya, Erevan and Cam Ranh),
    — passenger surname the same as in ticket,
    — ticket number is 13 numbers and starts from 216,
    — number of flight entered without air company code EO (3 numbers for regular flights, 4 numbers for charter flights).

During flight

  • What meals are provided during the flight?

    Please check details on the page Meals

  • Can I get baby carrier on board?

    This is not possible.

  • Do you provide meals for infants?

    You can order meals for infant (travelling without separate place) only in advance, not later than 24 hours before departure. Please send your request to, mention your ticket number.

  • Do you provide special meals?

    - baby meals (BBML),
    - children meals (CHML),
    - vegetarian meals (VGML).
    To order meals please send e-mail:

  • Is it allowed to use e-cigarettes on board?

    Smoking and using e-cigarettes is prohibited on all flights of Nordwind Airlines.

  • Is it allowed to use electronic devices on board?

    You can use mobile phones, tablets, e-books, electronic clock, portable photo and video cameras and other devices without GSM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth function or using autonomous (airplane) operation. Exceptions: radio stations, radios, wireless headphones. More details about electronic devices