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Hand luggage

General provisions

The passenger's luggage, authorized by carrier for transportation in cabin of the aircraft, is classified as hand luggage and must be marked with the tag «Hand luggage/Cabin» (exceptions Personal belongings), issued by carrier, and is transported free of charge if:

  • weight not exceed 5 kg for domestic and international flights,
  • dimensions not exceeding 115 cm (55x40x20 cm).

For infants without a place, hand luggage is not provided, except "Lite Economy" tariff.

In the cabin, hand luggage shall be placed under the seat infront of you. Small and light weightitems and outerwear may be placed into overhead locker, on closing shelves.

Passengers shall bear all risks in relation to their cabin baggage. If a flight is interrupted, as specified in a carriage document, the Passenger shall disembark together with his/her cabin baggage and personal belongings.

At the moment airports in Russia Federation have restrictions for transportation of liquids, gels and aerosols in hand luggage. This restriction applies to: water, beverages, creams, perfumes, contents of cans, deodorants, toothpastes, any other similar substances. Passengers are allowed to carry the above listed substances on board, if only they are packed in containers with a capacity of not more than 100 ml and packed in a securely closed transparent plastic bag with a volume of not more than 1 liter. passenger may take with him only one such bag.

Detailed requirements for hand luggage can be found in the section transportation of dangerous baggage

Information on transportation of animals in the cabin of the aircraft can be found in the section transportation of animals.

Personal belongings

During check-in Passenger should provide all carried baggage, excluding items that may be needed during boarding/leaving aircraft or during the flight, such items are at hand and not put into baggage:

  • Backpack with its dimensions and weight allowing its safe placement in the cabin and not exceeding the toll-free luggage allowance established by Carrier, or women’s bag or portfolio in the backpack, or bag, of case containing items;
  • bunch of flowers
  • outerwear
  • infant food for in-flight consumption
  • suit in the garment bag
  • Child-carriage devices (cradle, holding systems (devices) for children below 2 YOA, strollers or other devices) when carrying a child(children), with the device dimensions allowing their safe and secure placement in the cabin’s overhead rack or under the front passenger’s seat
  • Crutches, canes, walkers, rollators, folding wheelchair used by a passenger and having the size which allows it to be safely placed in the overhead bin or under the front seat
  • items bought in duty free shops at the airport, packed in a sealed plastic bag and having the size not excessing the established free allowance and which allows them to be safely placed onboard.

Personal belongings shall not be submitted for weighing, recorded and marked with tags.

Passenger has to hand over the folding wheelchair to the luggage. For traveling on board in aircraft, such passengers are provided with a side wheelchair for temporary use. The maximum passenger weight is 250 kg, the width between the armrests is 34 cm.

A baby carriage*, including light-weight fully foldable stroller, is carried in the luggage compartment of the aircraft as registered baggage in excess of the established rate. Passenger can use baby carriage before boarding the aircraft. Baby carriage is obligatory transferred for loading into the luggage compartment just before boarding an aircraft.

* if its size exceed the established free cabin baggage allowance and thus it cannot be safely placed in the overhead bin or under the front seat

Baggage transported in separate passenger seat

Baggage requiring special carriage conditions (such as valuables, fragile items) may be accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin, if:

  • passenger agreed this transportation with the Carrier,
  • baggage was examined in accordance with security procedures.

The Passenger shall pay standard fare for additional seat (excess baggage fee is not charged).

Weight of cabin baggage shall not exceed an average passenger’s weight (80 kg or less) and dimensions of such baggage shall allow its placement in a separate passenger’s seat.

Baggage shall be placed in the window seat and fastened with the seat belt.

Baggage carried in the passenger seat shall not be checked-in. Passenger is responsible for safety and security of such baggage. Baggage shall be packed properly to exclude damage to the aircraft equipment during transportation. Baggage pack should have adjustment allowing fasten it to the seat.

The Passenger bears all responsibilities in relation to transfer of the cabin baggage to/from an aircraft, loading/unloading, and placement in the cabin.