Main Transportation of quarantineable products

Transportation of quarantineable products

Transportation of quarantineable products as baggage

Transportation of quarantineable products through customs border of the Eurasian Economic Union in the hand baggage of passengers and crew members is allowed, provided that the number of such regulated products does not exceed 5 pounds and it is not a seed (seeds), planting material or potatoes, and also not more than 3 bouquets of flowers (cut flowers put together, buds, leaves, herbs and other parts of plants, without flowers or flower buds, fresh and/or dried, not more than 15 pieces).

The list of animals, plants and their products prohibited from importing or shipment to China

    Types of animals and products of animal origin:
  • live animals (except dogs and cats), including all mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects, other invertebrates and genetic material of animal origin.
  • (raw or prepared) meat (including organs) and meat products; animal products.
  • milk and dairy products of animal origin, including raw milk, fresh milk, kefir, cream of animal origin, butter, cheese and other dairy products.
  • eggs and egg products, including fresh eggs, “century eggs”, salted eggs, egg juice, eggshells, mayonnaise and other egg products.
  • swallow nests (excluding canned swallow nests).
  • oil and fat, skin, fur, hooves, bones, horns and products thereof.
  • feed of animal origin (including meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, whey powder, blood meal and other simple feeds), medicinal raw materials for Chinese animal medicine, fertilizers of animal origin.
    Types of plants and plant products:
  • fresh fruits, vegetables.
  • tobacco leaves (not including shredded tobacco).
  • seeds (shoots), seedlings and other plant materials with reproductive ability.
  • culture medium for cultivation.
    Other types of objects subject to quarantine phytosanitary control:
  • varieties of fungi, toxins and other phytopathogens, insect pests and other pests, biomaterials such as cells, organ tissue, blood and their derivatives.
  • corpses of animals, stuffed animals, biological waste.
  • soil.
  • genetically modified organisms.
  • animals and plants prohibited for import, products of animal and vegetable origin, and other quarantineable objects.
  • Animals, plants, as well as products and other quarantineable articles that are transported or sent to the country do not fall under the restrictions of this List if they receive permission from the relevant state administrative department and a quarantine certificate from the official body of the country or region of export.
  • Each person can have only one dog, cat or other pet, for which a quarantine certificate was issued from the official body of the country or region of export and a certificate of vaccination.