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Voluntary return

Our terms of returning or exchanging air tickets

Terms of making any changes in the documents issued for the trip (electronic tickets), including returns or exchanges, are governed by the rules for applying fares for this service, an offer contract for air transportation with the airline, an offer contract for the provision of services by the agency, the Air Code of the Russian Federation, as well as other legislative acts of the Russian Federation, and may impose penalties on the Customer.
The user has the opportunity to read the rules for applying fares when passing through the reservation dialogue.

The Agency has the right to collect additional service fees from the Customer for the Agency's services – booking and issuing electronic tickets, as well as exchanging or refunding a previously issued ticket. Agency service fee is included into the price of the order and is not refundable in case of return or exchange of tickets.

If there is a need to return money for a paid service, the company initiates the return process after agreement with the customer. After the initiation, the refund process can take up to 2 – 4 weeks, according to the rules of the payment system.

    Upon return of ticket, depending on the circumstances that made you return the ticket, the return is deemed:
  • involuntary;
  • voluntary.
  • Attention!
    Air tickets at the lowest fares, which are available for processing both at the agents’ ticket offices and on the airline’s website may be prohibited from voluntary return and/or voluntary exchange. Please read the terms of applying fares in advance.