Main Money refund and application forms

Money refund and application forms

Money refund

Refunds are made upon a written application for a refund from an individual, filled out personally. The calculation of the amount to be refunded is made in accordance with the Terms of applying fares at the date and time, calculated as the date and time of receipt of the refund application plus 3 (three) hours.

In the event of an involuntary return, all paid funds are returned to the passenger regardless of the selected fare.
Important: Payment system commissions, charged during payment for the order, are not subject to return.

Refund application form (by direct credit).
Download (Russian-only)

Air ticket exchange

If there is a need to exchange tickets (change travel dates), you should first make sure that the seats on flights for the dates you need are available, and get to know the amount of deductions and fines of the airline, as well as the possible ways of making surcharges for exchanging tickets, by contacting our managers via e-mail: The ticket number is required.

The rules for applying the fare for the ticket to be exchanged / returned can be found in the Rates section.