Main Tariffs


Tariffs from 12.07.2021

Service classes Economy Comfort
Booking class Lite Optimum Premium Optimum Premium
Hand luggage 1 piece 10 kg
1 piece 10 kg
1 piece 10 kg
Baggage allowance 1 piece 20 kg 1 piece 20 kg 1 1 piece 30 kg 2 pieces 30 kg
Meal Paid Included Free
Pre-selection of seats Paid Free Free 5 Free
Discount for infants Domestic destinations – 100%; international destinations – 90%
children from 2 to 12 y.o. 25% 25%
Exchange more than 24 hours 2 500 ₽/30 € 1 500 ₽/20 € no fees 2 no fees no fees
less than 24 hours Not allowed 2 000 ₽/25 € 6 000 ₽/75 €
after departure 3 Not allowed 6 000 ₽/70 €
Ticket refund more than 24 hours Not allowed 4 2 000 ₽/25 € 1 000 ₽/15 € Not allowed no fees
less than 24 hours 2 500 ₽/30 € 1 500 ₽/20 €
after departure 3 Not allowed 6 000 ₽/70 €
Business lounges Not available Available

The fee for the provision of automated booking systems (YQ) service
The fee is charged for each section of the route during the sale/exchange/reissue of the ticket. In case of voluntary return/exchange of the ticket, the fee is not refundable. The fee is not charged for the following categories of passengers: INF – a baby up to 2 years old without providing a seat – for flights within the Russian Federation.

Fuel charge (YR)
The charge is levied per each leg of the route in case of sale. In case of voluntary exchange or reissue, the charge is carried over from the ticket to be exchanged. In case of increasing size of charge, a surcharge is charged to the new level. In case of voluntary refund, provided the ticket is refundable, the fuel charge shall be refunded less penalty for waiver of carriage. In case of non-voluntary refund the charge is refundable. The charge is not levied from infants under 2 y.o. without a separate seat.

Change of flight coupons sequence is forbidden. If you do not use any leg of the route without prior notification, other route legs shall become void. If you want to cancel one leg of the route, but use the next, you have to reissue the ticket in accordance with your new route.

1 Exception: between the Russian Federation and Germany - 2 pieces up to 20 kg
2 If at the time of exchange a fare is increased, the difference between the old and the new fare is to be paid
3 Including no-show (a situation, when the passenger fails to show for the flight before the check-in and/or boarding closing)
4 Only airport and government taxes refunding
6 Except Premium seats

Tariffs for tickets purchased from 12.02.2021 through 11.07.2021
Tariffs for tickets purchased from 07.04.2020 through 04.11.2020
Tariffs for tickets purchased from 13.01.2020